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Bethany Alexander

Benefits of Buying an Owner-Occupied Short Sale Home

WI Short SalesThere are often overlooked benefits to buying an owner occupied Wisconsin Short Sale home. It’s amazing just how much of a difference having someone living in a property can make. Here are some of the upsides that I have noticed in a Wisconsin owner occupied short sale home versus a vacant Foreclosure:

It feels like a home.

When someone is living in a short sale home, there is furniture and pictures on the wall. It has already been somewhat ‘staged’ for showings. This helps potential home buyers get a feel for what an office or kids bedroom would look like if they purchased the home.

The grass is mowed.

This helps with weed and rodent reduction. It also keeps the neighbors happy.

The air conditioning remains on.

I have come across some foul smells in vacant foreclosure homes. When a property sits sealed up for too long, there is almost always a stale smell that results.

The heat remains on in the winter.

This helps to prevent plumbing from freezing and the resulting water leaks.

The electricity remains on.

In Wisconsin, this is important for basements. When sump pumps don’t have electricity, flooding often occurs. This can result in a very costly fix. It also means that the refrigerator is cooling and dishwasher is being used. This can prevent mildew growth.

The water is being used.

Many Wisconsin homes require a water softener due to hard water. With the water being used, the softener is allowed to work. This will prevent sediment build-up which can ruin a water heater and clog up pipes.

Property Condition Report.

When a bank lists a foreclosure property, they do not have to provide a Property Condition Report. Wisconsin doesn’t require a report if the current owner has not lived in the property. In a Wisconsin Short Sale, the owner is legally required to inform potential buyers of any defects they are aware of.

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